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Effect of Sample Size on Volumetric Determination of Methane Adsorption in Clay Minerals

 JI  Li-Ming, LUO  Peng   

  1. 1.Key Laboratory of Petroleum Resources Research,Institute of Geology and Geophysics,Chinese Academy of Sciences,
    Lanzhou 730000,China; 2. Graduate School of Chinese Academy of Sciences,Beijing 100049,China
  • Received:2012-02-20 Revised:2012-04-03 Online:2012-06-10 Published:2012-06-10


The isothermal adsorption experiments show that the methane adsorption capacity in the same clay samples has an increasing trend with particle size decreases. The decreases of particle size not only causes the pores within particles be exposed,but also enhances the degree of sample activation. Thus,the adsorption capacity is increasing due to improvement of pore connectivity,pore volume,and surface area. The porosity measurements indicate that the chlorite clay has the low porosity and larger pores. When the particle size is less than 270 meshes,the internal surface area of chlorite clay increase and the methane adsorption capacity is increased significantly. Montmorillonite clay has the high porosity and nanopores. Some pores may be destroyed when the particle size is less than 270 meshes,and the slight decrease of pore volume,surface area and methane adsorption capacity occurs. Although the grain size distribution has a certain impact on different size pores,the sample surface area and gas adsorption capacity is mainly affected by the microspores with less than 20nm,especially less than 10nm micropores. In order to improve the accuracy and comparability of gas adsorption capacity of various samples,we propose the 150 to 250 mesh particle size as the standard size of samples for gas adsorption experiments.

Key words: Clay mineral, Sample size, Micropore, Surface area, Methane adsorption.

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