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Implications from Marine Shale Gas Exploration Breakthrough in Complicated Structural Area at High Thermal Stage:Taking Longmaxi Formation in Well JY1 as an Example

GUO Tong-lou,LIU Ruo-bing

  1. (Southern Exploration Company,SINOPEC,Chengdu 610041,China)
  • Received:2013-04-07 Revised:2013-06-12 Online:2013-08-10 Published:2013-08-10


Well JY1 is located in the east of Sichuan Basin.Commercial gas with high production has been tested and stable pressure and production has been maintained for long time by testing production in Longmaxi shale in well JYl.It marks the strategy breakthrough in marine shale gas exploration in complicated structural area at high thermal stage in southern China.According to the analyses of the structure,formation combination,lithology, TOC,RO,and mineral contents,combined with regional geological data,following conclusions have been obtained:(1)Structural and preservation conditions are the most important for shale gas to accumulate under the background of multiple structural evolutions and uplifts and erosions,which is different from that in North America;(2)Only the qualitative hydrocarbon rocks can play the role of detachment,and net-like fractures by multiple detachments and tectonic movements are key factors for shale gas abundance and high production;(3)The Upper Ordovician limestones take the role of sealing for the abundant shale gas in Longmaxi Formation;(4)Faults and uplifts made a few destructions to shale gas reservoirs.All implications above will have an exemplary meaning for shale gas exploration in southern China.

Key words: Well JY1, Longmaxi Formation, Shale gas, Preserving conditions, Complicated structural, High evolution degree

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